10 Best Things To Do in Casablanca Your Essential Travel Guide


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The Ultimate Guide to the Marvels of Casablanca Worth Exploring

A city of contrasts, where the Atlantic Ocean’s mighty waves meet the gentle charm of the Moroccan culture, Casablanca is a destination waiting to be discovered. A place where tradition and modernity coexist, it’s a city that has something to offer for every type of traveler.

From the towering minarets of the Hassan II Mosque to the vibrant bustle of Marche Central, every corner of Casablanca invites exploration. Wander the labyrinthine streets of the Old Medina for a taste of the city’s rich history, or soak in the cosmopolitan atmosphere along The Corniche, with its string of chic restaurants and beachfront cafes. Let the elegance of Mahkama du Pacha enchant you, and immerse yourself in the unique narratives presented at the Museum of Moroccan Judaism.

In this essential guide, we’ll delve into the ten best things to do in Casablanca. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or a first-time visitor, this vibrant city has a treasure trove of experiences waiting for you. So tighten your belts, grab your adventure hats, and prepare to embark on an unforgettable journey into the heart of Morocco’s white city.

Here are the 10 best places to visit in Casablanca:

1. Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque
Hassan II Mosque

Imposing yet elegant, the Hassan II Mosque, or Grande Mosquée Hassan II, is a must-visit landmark in the city of Casablanca. Standing by the Atlantic Ocean, this magnificent structure is the largest mosque in Africa, and the 5th largest in the world. The mosque boasts a minaret that stands tall at 210 meters, making it the tallest in the world and an iconic part of Casablanca’s skyline.

As you step inside, prepare to be amazed by the exquisite Moroccan artisanship. Intricately designed marble pieces, vibrant mosaics, and finely carved woodwork pay homage to traditional Islamic architecture while showcasing the skill and creativity of Moroccan artisans. What makes Hassan II Mosque unique is its modern design elements, such as a retractable roof and heated floors, blending tradition with modernity.

From the ocean’s gentle breeze to the warm hues of the sunset painting the mosque, each moment spent here offers a captivating experience. Whether you’re an architecture lover or a spiritual explorer, the Hassan II Mosque is bound to leave a lasting impression on your Casablanca journey.

2. Quartier Habous

Quartier Habous
Quartier Habous

Stepping into Quartier Habous, also known as the New Medina, is like journeying into a charming fusion of traditional Moroccan style and French colonial design. Located in the southeastern part of Casablanca, this neighborhood is known for its unique architecture, beautiful public squares, and bustling marketplaces.

A walk down the narrow, winding streets reveals a lively mix of craft shops, bookstores, and bakeries, offering an authentic taste of Moroccan life. Don’t forget to explore the souks, where you’ll find a plethora of handmade goods, from ornate leather items and traditional clothing to unique souvenirs. Tea aficionados must visit one of the many local tea shops for a taste of traditional Moroccan mint tea.

Quartier Habous offers a respite from the hustle and bustle of Casablanca’s more modern areas, making it an ideal spot for those looking to experience the city’s cultural richness and charm. As you stroll through the peaceful courtyards and along the arch-lined streets, you can truly feel the heartbeat of Moroccan tradition.

3. Morocco Mall

Morocco Mall
Morocco Mall

An oasis of luxury and entertainment, the Morocco Mall is not just a shopping center, but a destination in itself. This gigantic complex, one of the largest in Africa, sits on the western edge of Casablanca, tantalizing visitors with a blend of shopping, dining, and leisure experiences that cater to both locals and tourists.

With over 600 brands spread across a sprawling space, the Morocco Mall offers an upscale shopping adventure. From high-end designer boutiques to popular high-street names, there’s something for everyone. Once your retail therapy is complete, the mall still has plenty to offer, including a vast food court featuring international cuisine, an enormous indoor aquarium, and even an IMAX cinema.

For those seeking some respite after a day of shopping, the mall’s beautifully landscaped outdoor area offers a serene escape. Complete with a dancing musical fountain, it’s a great spot to unwind. The Morocco Mall is more than a shopping venue – it’s an emblem of Casablanca’s modern, vibrant character and an unmissable part of any trip to the city.

4. Old Medina of Casablanca

Old Medina of Casablanca
Old Medina of Casablanca

Nestled amidst the fast-paced modernity of Casablanca lies its beating heart – the Old Medina. This ancient walled city, predating the French protectorate, provides a stark contrast to the city’s contemporary side and offers visitors a unique opportunity to step back in time.

A labyrinth of winding alleys and bustling marketplaces, the Old Medina brims with the raw energy and vibrancy of daily Moroccan life. Expect to find a plethora of shops selling traditional goods such as textiles, handicrafts, spices, and jewelry. It’s a feast for the senses, with vibrant colors, intoxicating scents, and the animated banter of vendors filling the air.

Beyond the market, the Old Medina is home to a wealth of architectural gems. From the remnants of the 16th-century Portuguese fortifications to the historic Sqala Tower, each corner of the Old Medina whispers tales of Casablanca’s rich past. A visit to this vibrant neighborhood is more than just a sightseeing trip; it’s a journey through the layers of history that have shaped this iconic city.

5. Casa Tramway

Casa Tramway
Casa Tramway

Exploring Casablanca is a delightful blend of old and new, and nothing exemplifies this better than the city’s efficient Casa Tramway. Introduced in 2012, this modern and affordable tram system has quickly become an integral part of the city’s public transportation network and a unique way for travelers to discover the city.

With two extensive lines that traverse key parts of the city, Casa Tramway offers an excellent and comfortable way to reach Casablanca’s major attractions. From the architectural splendor of Hassan II Mosque to the charm of Quartier Habous or the retail paradise at Morocco Mall, the tramway connects them all. Trams run frequently throughout the day, making it convenient for tourists to move around at their pace.

Riding the Casa Tramway isn’t just about getting from point A to B. The tramway routes present a fascinating cross-section of Casablanca, taking you through business districts, residential areas, and historical sites, offering glimpses of daily Moroccan life. It’s a truly authentic, local experience, and a green, eco-friendly way to explore the White City.

6. The Corniche

The Corniche
The Corniche

Few experiences capture the seaside allure of Casablanca quite like a stroll along The Corniche. This vibrant beachfront district is the city’s go-to destination for relaxation, entertainment, and the best ocean views Casablanca has to offer.

Stretching along the Atlantic Ocean in the neighborhood of Ain Diab, The Corniche is a playground for both locals and tourists alike. By day, you can enjoy the sun-soaked beaches, or take a refreshing dip in the ocean. If you prefer, take a leisurely walk along the promenade, lined with palm trees and dotted with public art.

As the sun begins to set, The Corniche truly comes alive. The district boasts an array of popular clubs, restaurants, and cafes, each offering a unique blend of Moroccan and international cuisine, often complemented by live music. From the modern luxury of beachfront resorts to the lively energy of nightclubs, The Corniche offers something for everyone, making it an unmissable part of your Casablanca adventure.

7. Mahkama Du Pacha

Mahkama Du Pacha
Mahkama Du Pacha

Tucked away in the Quartier Habous district, Mahkama du Pacha stands as a testament to Morocco’s unique blend of architectural influences. This administrative building, built in the 20th century, captivates visitors with its blend of Moorish and Moroccan styles, featuring elegant arches, ornate plasterwork, and beautifully landscaped courtyards.

Though it’s a working legal hub, the building is open to visitors, and many areas can be explored. Inside, you’ll find 60 ornately decorated rooms, with stunningly intricate wood and stucco work that reflect the meticulous detail of Moroccan craftsmanship. The marble patio and the beautiful green-tiled roof are particularly striking.

Stepping into Mahkama du Pacha feels like entering a palace. Despite being a governmental building, its artistic beauty and serene atmosphere make it a hidden gem within Casablanca. It’s a beautiful side-step off the beaten path, offering visitors a chance to appreciate the city’s rich architectural heritage.

8. Notre Dame de Lourdes

Notre Dame de Lourdes
Notre Dame de Lourdes

In a city known for its stunning Islamic architecture, Notre Dame de Lourdes provides a captivating contrast. This Roman Catholic church, located in the bustling city of Casablanca, is an unexpected gem that offers a unique insight into the city’s diverse religious landscape.

Built in 1954, Notre Dame de Lourdes stands out with its modern design. The exterior might seem relatively simple, but once you step inside, you’re greeted by an awe-inspiring sight. The interior is dominated by an immense stained glass panel, one of the largest in the world, flooding the space with vibrant, multicolored light. This magnificent work of art tells the story of the Virgin Mary’s appearances at Lourdes.

Though less frequented than the city’s mosques, a visit to Notre Dame de Lourdes is an opportunity to appreciate Casablanca’s religious diversity and architectural wealth. Whether you’re drawn by the spiritual ambiance or the magnificent stained glass, this church offers a tranquil, thought-provoking escape from the city’s bustling streets.

9. Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Museum of Moroccan Judaism
Museum of Moroccan Judaism

Situated in the heart of Casablanca, the Museum of Moroccan Judaism is a unique cultural treasure. As the only Jewish Museum in the Arab world, it holds a significant place in preserving and showcasing the rich history of Judaism in Morocco and its influence on the country’s diverse cultural heritage.

The museum is home to an extensive collection that spans over two thousand years of history. You’ll find a vast array of artifacts including traditional clothing, ancient texts, and Jewish art. The museum also presents a range of Judaica, photographs, and interactive exhibits that tell the story of Jewish life in Morocco. One of the highlights is a reconstructed old synagogue, giving you a glimpse into the spiritual life of the Jewish community.

A visit to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism is a journey into an often overlooked facet of Moroccan culture and history. It’s a testament to the country’s religious diversity and a poignant reminder of the coexistence of different faiths in this vibrant city. It offers a fascinating, enriching experience for anyone interested in understanding the multi-layered cultural tapestry of Casablanca and Morocco at large.

10. Marche Central

Marche Central
Marche Central

Located in the heart of Casablanca, the bustling Marche Central is an absolute must-visit for food lovers. This lively central market offers a feast for the senses, with its vibrant colors, diverse smells, and the bustling sounds of vendors selling their wares.

From stalls piled high with exotic fruits and vegetables to the freshest seafood caught from the nearby Atlantic, the market showcases the bounty of Morocco’s rich culinary landscape. Here, you can taste the freshness in plump olives, fragrant spices, and honey-dripping pastries. The market is also known for its many seafood restaurants, where you can savor local specialties prepared on the spot.

A walk through Marche Central is not just about shopping; it’s an immersive cultural experience. The friendly banter of the vendors, the bargaining of prices, and the sight of locals going about their daily shopping – all these make a visit to Marche Central a genuine, captivating glimpse into the everyday life of Casablanca.

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There you have it, a guide to some of the most captivating experiences in Casablanca. Each of these places and activities contributes to the vibrant tapestry of this city, offering insights into its cultural depth, architectural beauty, and unique charm. But remember, the true essence of Casablanca lies not only in its landmarks but also in the everyday life of its streets, the warmth of its people, and the compelling stories they have to share.

Whether it’s your first trip to this Moroccan gem or a return visit, there’s always something new to discover, taste, and experience. The beauty of Casablanca isn’t just about seeing the sights – it’s about immersing yourself in its rhythm, its textures, and its spirit.

So as your Casablanca adventure concludes, carry with you the memories, the experiences, and the little moments that made your journey special. After all, every traveler knows, the journey never truly ends. As one adventure concludes, another awaits, perhaps in another corner of this incredible world. Until then, happy travels!

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