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Sicily Island Map

Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and one of the 20 regions of Italy. Sicily is one of the five Italian autonomous regions, in Southern Italy along with surrounding minor islands, officially referred to as Regione Siciliana.

Sicily Tour and Attractive Place to Visit in Sicily Island

Sicily is located in the central Mediterranean Sea, south of the Italian Peninsula, from which it is separated by the narrow Strait of Messina. Its most prominent landmark is Mount Etna, the tallest active volcano in Europe, and one of the most active in the world, currently 3,329 m (10,922 ft) high. The island has a typical Mediterranean climate.

How long does it take to tour Sicily?

To visit Sicily in 3 days, same advice as for 2 days: you should stay close to Palermo and Catania. If you stay 3 days in Catania, you should spend 2 days (most likely 1 day and a half or a bit less, if you don”t arrive early in the morning) to visit the city.

What is the best time of year to go to Sicily?

The best time to visit Sicily is from May to June or September to October. These late spring and early fall months afford hospitable temperatures in the 70s, which are ideal for temple gazing, beach lazing or hiking. As such, these are the most popular times to visit, as well as the most expensive.

Attractions in Sicily

Sicily Tourism Map, Italy

Along with summiting an active volcano in Sicily – Italy

Etna Mount Sicily Map

Explore Palermo, Sicily – Italy

Places in Sicily to Visit

Greco-Roman theatre at Taormina

Syracuse view from the seafront of Ortigia, to the Maniace Castle.

2.500 Years Greek Theater, Taormina, Sicily

Ancient Women Olympic Games, Sicily

What to See in Sicily

Provinces of Sicily Map

Palermo Street Market

Sicily Church

Agrigento, Sicily

The Temple of Concordia, Sicily

Things to do in Sicily

Palermo Theather Massimo

Sicily Church Mosaics

Sicily Church Mosaics Jesus

Sicily Eglise

Villa Romana del Casale

The Corridor of the Great Hunt

A View from Toarmina, Sicily

Where to Visit in Sicily

Roman Mosaics in Sicily – Italy

Noto Cathedral Sicily

Castello Ursino in Catania, Sicily

Palermo Opera House

Where is Sicily in Italy?

Show Sicily in Google map, satellite map, where is the country located.
Get direction by driving, walking, bicycling, public transportaion and travel with street view.

Sicily Google Map

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